The Art of Taking Criticism


So, artists you’ve just written an amazing song, or producers you’ve just banged out a CRAZY beat! You’re feeling super good inside about your work of art so you post it online for people to hear. People are loving it and everything is perfect until that one person comments and says: “This Sucks” or “You should have done this or that differently.” All of a sudden, your excitement dies down and you read that comment over and over again. You start to re-evaluate what you’re doing and wonder if you’re good enough. You even consider quitting. You become frustrated and somewhat depressed about your art. You turn off the computer and refuse to have anything to do with music for the rest of the day.

WRONG!!!!! We’ve all been there! But, never let anyone’s comment STOP you from doing what you love! Even if your content isn’t top of the line yet, nobody starts off with top tier content! NOBODY! Tell me one person who came out the womb day 1 an expert in their field. I’ll wait………………………………………….. Thought so lol! Keep grinding!!! Use the criticism as as source of inspiration to improve! Quitting is a non-productive action, sort of like putting a bucket of water over your head to shelter you while it’s raining. If you place your self worth/confidence in the opinions and thoughts of other people, you are asking for a very unstable life. People will be people and everyone will NOT like you or your art no matter how great it is. That’s never going to change, but YOU must continue to be YOU!

For example, I want you to think of one of the biggest songs of all time. Something that blew up all over the world and was very successful. Search that song on youtube. I GUARANTEE you that there will be dislikes! Why? Everybody doesn’t like everything lol!!! But did those dislikes cripple the success of the song? No! So stop worrying about if someone likes your content or not and just do you! Take in the useful criticisms and ignore the garbage comments like “You Suck.” So with that said, are you still thinking about quitting? Better not be lol! Get to work! You can do it! -Tone Jonez

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