Stop Rushing

Today's society caters to impatience. With the convenience of technology, we can do things at lightning speed compared to previous years. This "need for speed" has carried over into every area of our lives and unfortunately into the music business. There's so much music coming out now at such a fast pace that consumers don't even get ample time to fully digest it before something else comes out. And MOST unfortunately, music creators are just slapping music together today with very little detail and nuance. It's become all about the sprint not the marathon. The quality of music overall has taken a nose dive but the solution is very simple: STOP RUSHING! 

Being that my main source of income is music, I can understand why a full-time musician would want to rush music. Consumers are always hungry for something new and that demand can be a lot of pressure. But what I've found is that when you take your time making quality music, even though people have to wait for it, they will highly appreciate the end result. The reality is that you only get to release music ONCE. You may as well spend time making it quality! It's almost like preparing for an interview. If you rush through picking out/preparing your clothes and being ready for the interview questions, you aren't going to make a great first impression. Most likely, you won't get the job. You may be the BEST person for the job, but the interviewer would never get a chance to find out due to your poor first impression. You may be a very high quality artist or producer but if you don't take time to make music that is a true high quality representation of your craft, you're selling your self short. Making half-effort music is not a shortcut to long term success. Just think what if Michael Jackson or any of the other music greats had rushed their most praised albums. Their legacy may not have been what it is today. 

Many times this rushing stems from a need for finances. You need to make this money FAST so the faster you make the music, the better. No lol! People can tell when you put time and detail into something vs just throwing it together. Focus on QUALITY. Chase QUALITY, and the money will chase you. This information may sound "cliche" but I promise you if you do this, you will be more successful in the long run. I've been able to make a full-time income off music for the last 3 years but ONLY because I've always strived to put out quality. Artists rock with me because they can hear the time and dedication in my music. I'm not trying to just sell them something. I'm providing an ASSET to their career. When your supporters know you're working hard to give them your best, they will give you their best. I've had people skip paying bills to purchase my music lol! I DON'T condone that type of activity, but it has happened haha! Shows how much people value quality!

If you've gotten caught up in the "sprint" of putting out records as fast as possible, you can change that today! Instead of trying to finish multiple things in one day, spend several days on 1-2 tracks. Take time to add in that chord change you thought about but figured it'd take too long to do. Re-record that take and stop trying to fix it in the mix. Spend extra time making the mix impeccable. It's all about details! Even though the average listener may not be musically inclined enough to understand every detail, they can definitely FEEL it. So with that said, take your foot off the gas pedal lol! It's OK if people wait a little bit. You won't be forgotten. Be blessed! 


  • zachary gonzales

    zachary gonzales San Diego

    Yep. This is what I needed to read. Quality

    Yep. This is what I needed to read. Quality

  • Anthony T-Rock Clary

    Anthony T-Rock Clary Richmond VA

    On point bro! I will put forth my best effort to practice these tools.

    On point bro! I will put forth my best effort to practice these tools.

  • Duke Miller

    Duke Miller North London, Tottenham

    like the work, check out mine, maybe be able to work together on somethin one day

    like the work, check out mine, maybe be able to work together on somethin one day

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