Patience Makes Provision

It goes without saying that today's world is all about instant gratification. Patience is a lost art. As the world becomes more impatient, we're starting to see quality go down the toilet. Whether it's food, music, products, etc., everything is taking a hit in the quality department because creators are rushing to keep up with the hyper-consumerism of consumers. The lack of patience has even crept it's way into entrepreneurship. I see this all the time and it's disheartening. I've actually had people get upset with me countless times because I wouldn't give them my "secrets" to success. There are no secrets! If there are, I certainly don't have any! People want success right away but it doesn't work that way. A baby isn't born one day then starts walking and talking the next day. There aren't any magical formulas. You can't go from 0-100 without 1-99. Don't be fooled by "get rich quick" schemes. Long-lasting success takes time and and constant cultivation. There's no way around that. 

People fail to realize all the things that actually cause you to be successful happen DURING the waiting process. You need to go through dissapointments, failures, setbacks, frustrations, and a host of other things in order to LEARN what works for YOU. That takes time. Often YEARS. People on the outside see the shine and glisten but don't realize the magnitude of buff and polish. If you want to get somewhere in life, you have to work for it. Work seems to be a foreign concept in the land of convenience we reside in, but work will ALWAYS be required. I think the frustration comes in when you're looking for other people to show you exactly how to attain your success. That's not a realistic expectation. You should definitely grab advice from different people and try it out, but nobody can tell you EXACTLY what you need to do in order to make yourself a success. That's entirely your responsibility to figure out. I really hope you take that to heart because it will save you much heartache and wasted money. You can't skip the YEARS of grind that it's going to require in order to prosper. You can either cut corners and get short lived instant gratification or do things right and have long lasting success. 

There's also a common misconception that once you have attained success, you have arrived. It's supposedly a cake ride from there. I'm sorry, but that's unequivocally FALSE. People think successful people have it easy and hold all the secrets. What people don't realize is successful people work even harder to keep and grow their success. The hardest part of success is sustaining it. The more successful you become, the more "new" obstacles there are to overcome. You also take on new responsibilities and obligations that take up more of your time/energy. It's a constant recalibration of priorities and time management. Being successful is HARD work. You have to continue growing and evolving. Each level brings a new challenge. You still have to exercise patience, invest plenty of time in, invest plenty of MONEY in, and grind hard EVEN when you've attained success. The grind never stops it just evolves. It all STILL takes time. Without the wisdom that patience affords, you won't know how to sustain any success you attain. 

People think waiting/patience means being inactive but that's not the case. You should constantly be improving, cultivating, and educating yourself.  You'll find that as your craft continues to grow, you will attract opportunities to you. Success is really all about attraction marketing, advancing your skills to such ever-increasing heights of quality that your craft commands attention purely on it's own strength. That takes time. There's a reason why it generally takes 9 months for a baby to develop. There's a reason why it takes so many years of schooling in order to become a doctor. There's a reason why home cooked meals taste better than fast food (they should at least lol). And there's a reason why I personally spend days, months, or in some cases YEARS perfecting the music that I display on this website. Quality things take time. Patience makes provision. I hope this inspires somebody! Be blessed. -Tone

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