Leave The Nest

I believe everyone has some type of dream in life. Many people don't pursue their dreams out of fear but some aggressively pursue their dreams and are very successful! But then there is that middle section of individuals who work hard to pursue their dreams but nothing is working. You grind for months, years, some even decades with no change. After evaluating yourself, you come up with the conclusion that maybe it's not meant to be. But often there is one area people tend to overlook before they throw in the towel. It may simply boil down to this one thing: you're still sitting in the nest. What is the nest? It's a comfort zone that consists of a variety of things. But for this blog post, I'm speaking specifically on being stuck in a physical location. In other words, where you're living right now. Often times this nest is where all your family/friends are and it's the only thing you've ever known. You feel comfortable in this place and it would just be so perfect if everything would work out in the nest. Some dreams may work in your area! But some dreams realistically work better in other locations. Sometimes, you MUST leave. Sometimes it takes getting out from around everyone and everything you've ever know to do something you've never done and be something you've never been. The demographics, economy, general mindsets of people, and the vibe of where you are matter BIG TIME. If you're in the wrong location for your dream, you'll never achieve your full potential. 

It's very difficult to leave the nest. The thought of leaving everyone and everything you know is disheartening to say the least. Relationships will suffer. People, even some you love, will talk very bad about you. They'll even discourage you intentionally. Friends will fade away. You will be misunderstood, slandered, and hated. It will most likely be one of the most physically, mentally, and emotionally exhausting processes you've ever experienced in your entire life. But when you know deep down in your heart where you're supposed to be, staying in the wrong place does MORE damage than leaving. Resentment will grow in your heart. You'll settle for a life below your worth. You'll end up working a job or jobs you really don't care for. You may even settle for relationships with people you know are not for you. You will live a life of regret and take your dreams to the graveyard. Doesn't sound too appealing huh lol? Make your life count for something. If you're living in a city/state right now where no matter what you do you just can't seem to find happiness and purpose, most likely you're still in the nest. Here's a few tips on how to leave.

First, you need a PLAN. Don't just pack up your stuff and leave without a plan. Of course things never go 100% according to plan, but having a road map will help avoid a lot of bumps and bruises. Start researching this location and outline how you'll make your dreams happen there. Take into account that you NEED to live beneath your means for as long as possible until things take off. Budget, Budget, Budget!! This is not the time to ball out lol! Struggle now so you can flourish later. I'd strongly suggest taking a few trips to this location before the move to scout places of residence and get a general vibe for where you'll be. Trust me, you'll know if you're in the right place! If you're having any doubts, keep looking. Once you have your plan together, here's a very important step: shut up lol! Don't go telling everybody your plans. Some people don't want to see you succeed. And some people just won't be able to understand your vision. If you're a believer especially, some people will say God told them this/that but will really be telling you their own agenda lol! I think most people mean well, but take all opinions with a grain of salt. If you do decide to run and tell, at least don't give away all the details. Keep your plan very close to your heart and only reveal the extent of it to very trusted ears. Seek wise counsel only. Why is this necessary? Words are powerful. You don't need to hear any negativity or ill intentioned words during this stage of your life. Stay focused on the plan and execute. Yes, the backlash will come. Be prepared. No matter what happens, continue to love people unconditionally and conduct yourself in a decent manner. People may be angry with you initially, but eventually you'll be the one that inspires them to take their lives to the next level and follow their dreams. Everybody is looking for a leader and an example. Focus on being that. 

Now everything I've said up until now would be void if I'd never experienced it. But I have. The first time I knew I was in the wrong place was in 2007. I was living in South Carolina at the time and made a trip to ATL to be in a beat battle with my brothers. I don't know how to explain it, but I just KNEW Atlanta was the right place for me. The way I felt when visiting was unexplainable. There was no doubt in my mind about it. I actually tried to fight this feeling because I figured there was no way I'd ever end up in ATL. It was "impossible", so I thought lol! From 2007-2008 I made several more trips to ATL and felt stronger about leaving the nest every time I went. I would dread going back home. I was terribly unhappy with where I was in life. Not because I didn't love the people around me, I just knew my purpose and correct location. Once you know these things, you'll go crazy until you do something about it. So when an opportunity was presented for me to leave the nest, I took it. I was nervous and honestly afraid, but I took the opportunity. It was hands down the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life. I left behind many people I love. Things were said about me that hurt deeply. Relationships suffered. There was a big readjustment process. My entire mindset had to be reconfigured. In the nest, I was shy, easily stepped on, lacking initiative, and simply unhappy. After I left the nest, I discovered things inside of myself I never knew I had. One of those things is leadership skills. Being a follower my entire life, I was shocked about how much of a leader I truly was. I began speaking with people. I maintained my friendly character, but gained the boldness and backbone that was needed. I began taking strong initiative. Business ideas were flowing. And musically I had a HUGE growth spurt. I was finally happy. Just like certain animals thrive better in different environments, we as people must be in the right environment to reach our full potential. Figuratively, you can't be a polar bear in the Kalahari desert and expect to thrive lol!

The road from the nest to where I am today was riddled with many twists, turns, bumps, and bruises, but I'll NEVER regret leaving the nest. Not only did it change me, it changed people around me and put me in the position to do things I couldn't do when I was in the nest. Today I can say I'm truly at the happiest point in my life. So if you're reading this blog right now and these words are connecting deeply with you, I want you to know that you can do it. Yes it seems unrealistic and yes it will be rough, but you can make it happen. Don't be like others who have came before you and taken their dreams to the grave. Be that leader and example. You alone could be the person that revolutionizes the lives of everyone around you by taking initiative. Take that first step today of mapping out your plan. Take the next 6 months to a year to prepare yourself mentally, financially, and emotionally. You know deep down in your heart where you're supposed to be and you'll never be truly happy until you turn that into reality. I believe in you, but I need you to believe in yourself. Leave the nest :)


  • Medieval Beatz
    Medieval Beatz Houston
    I enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sharing bro!

    I enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sharing bro!

  • Dj Zel
    Dj Zel Poland
    You wrote great article 100% true

    You wrote great article 100% true

  • Terrence Robinson "TRobDaProducer"
    Terrence Robinson "TRobDaProducer" Columbus, GA
    This is definitely a great read. Thanks for continuing to be genuine and real to up and coming producers like myself.

    This is definitely a great read. Thanks for continuing to be genuine and real to up and coming producers like myself.

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