Dealing With Haters on Social Media

Don't you just love that moment when a person comes out of nowhere with a negative comment on your social media account lol? The more successful I've become, the more I've had encounters with haters. I wake up almost every morning to some type of hater activity these days. I actually did this morning which is what inspired me to write this blog post lol! I'm a nice guy that's always extending my hand to help others so initially I was taken aback when people started hating. But what I've realized is, it doesn't matter how helpful/nice you are, how talented you are, or how encouraging you are. Some people just choose to hate lol! And you know what, that's okay! They're doing their job. Use their hating as fuel for motivation. Here's why they hate.

Why Haters Hate

Haters have two flaws in their thinking called pride and insecurity. They have an overwhelming desire to be better than everyone else. So when they feel they aren't better than you, rather than gain knowledge from you, they get jealous and hate. They look for what they "deem" as your weak spot and stab away at you to get a reaction. This never gets them anywhere and they end up stuck in a frustrated state of non-productivity. You usually don't have to look for haters because they'll expose themselves. They'll add a negative comment under the most positive post lol! There are all kind of haters. You have upfront haters, subliminal haters, "friend" haters, inbox haters, tagging haters, and the list goes on. Don't give them any attention! 

When "normal" people like us see others doing well, it inspires and motivates us! We make it our business to soak up knowledge and learn from the successful person. Not for the purpose of being "better" than them, but for the purpose of bettering ourselves and being the best we can be. Jealousy never enters the picture. Haters cannot process things this way due to their pride and insecurity. So when haters get at you, don't get mad. They really admire and want to learn from you! They just don't know how to express that admiration. 

How Do You Deal With Haters

So how do you deal with haters? Block them. Delete them. Ban them. Why? You don't have time to feed into their negativity. See, they're only saying things to get a reaction out of you. Once you give them that reaction, they'll either back off with the satisfaction of knowing they got to you, or they'll egg on the argument. They will NEVER see  your side of things so don't even waste your time. The only end result is that they end up taking time out of your day and possibility altering your mood. My Wife used to get onto me ALL the time because I'd spend 1-2 hours conversing with a hater and end up in a bad mood. Don't let haters alter your day!!! In the spirit of being productive, you literally don't have time to deal with haters. The minute they hate, cut them loose and keep it moving! What you're doing is pruning your friends list down to the people who really rock with you. I know we all deal with haters so I hope this was helpful! Take it from me, stop responding to these haters lol! It's a waste of your precious time. Be blessed! -Tone