Consistency is Key


When you think about a water fall or most bodies of water, you’ll realize that they are constantly moving. The only way fish and other forms of life in the water can survive is through the constant flow of the water supply. It’s in stagnant water that things begin to die off and rot away. This same principal applies to whatever we do. There must be some level of consistency in order to facilitate and build upon success.

Now, I have a lot of nerve talking about consistency considering this is the first Jonez Blog I’ve done in like 3 weeks when I WAS doing it everyday lol! But this is a perfect example of what I mean. We’ll start something great, but life gets in the way and slowly we drift further and further away from that thing until it stops. Keep going! Success is a marathon, not a sprint. There’s really no end to it, only constant evolution of it.

There’s a known saying “Out of sight out of mind" that is totally true. Whether you are a music artist, producer, painter, dancer, or any other type of creative entity, make sure you are constantly supplying your supporters with fresh content. Otherwise, you will slip further and further out of your supporter’s minds until they stop checking for you.

The key to this consistency is choosing a consistency that you can be consistent with. Tounge twister right lol? But seriously, you must set long-term feasible consistency goals. Doing something everyday is great, but some things you can not do everyday consistently without falling off at some point. If you find an everyday consistency difficult, focus on every few days. A certain day of every week. Every month. Every quarter. Every year. Something! Just be consistent with whatever you choose and you’ll give people something guaranteed to look forward to. As humans, we live in patterns and routines of consistency so this is important.

I know for me as a producer, this is an area that I have difficulty with at times because the demand for my gift is so broad that it can be very very VERY demanding lol! But really, it’s all about just setting a goal and sticking to it then building upon it which I’ve done numerous times. As I pinpoint more ways to improve my consistency, I encourage you all to sit down and really map out some ways that you can be more consistent with your craft. Let’s all consistently be more consistent about being consistent consistently lol!!!! I’m silly smh. Hope this helps! As always, keep pushing because I believe in YOU! God Bless. -Tone Jonez

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  • Ed-Erb$
    Ed-Erb$ Toronto Canada
    Wont stop Cant stop, i promise myself I'm so Determined

    Wont stop Cant stop, i promise myself I'm so Determined

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