Attraction Marketing: Attracting People to Your Music

Attraction is a major part of how we operate as humans. People don't pursue things they aren't attracted to. Whether it be dating, business, music, etc., there has to be at least a base level of attraction in order for people to become intrigued. If you find yourself constantly asking people to listen to your music to no avail, this blog is for you. Here are several ways for you to start naturally attracting people to your craft. 

Attraction marketing is all about positioning yourself to be chased instead of doing the chasing. As it pertains to beauty, an attractive person never has a problem with generating interest. They put a lot of work into making themselves attractive and then go out to places where people will naturally pursue them. They don't ask to be pursued. They position themselves to be pursued. This is the exact same concept behind how you should market your music.

Put your time and energy into making the most high quality attractive music possible, put your music in the right places (your social media profiles, your website, paid advertising, music blogs/websites in your genre, etc), provide options, and then let people naturally be drawn to your craft. Never spam your music as it will just turn people away. I did that when I first started out to no avail so I know from experience lol! If you aren't receiving much interest in your music, get back in the lab and take your music to the next level. The best way to attract people to your music is by making your music and they way you present it more attractive. 

Here are 5 things that will attract people to your music.
  1. QUALITY- Go above and beyond to make your music TOP NOTCH in every way. Don't cut any corners. Adopt a #QualityOrNothing mindset. Stop rushing your music. Take time writing your songs. Don't fix it in the mix, get the source recording right in the booth. Get a quality mix and master for your music every time. Get quality art work. Get quality video work. Quality, quality, quality!! Quality is an area in which you can continually improve and set yourself apart from the pack.
  2. CONSISTENCY- Consistency is how you sustain and grow a solid long-lasting supporter base. Consistency is truly the key to success. With so many fly by night artists jumping in the game, people need to see that you're passionate about what you do. Passion is the backbone of consistency. When you're not consistent, you portray the appearance of not being truly passionate about what you do. Being consistent doesn't necessarily mean always putting out music. When you're not releasing music, be consistently active in engaging with your audience on social media. Go out and do shows/meet and greets. Never fall completely from view. Keep them in the loop with what you're doing. 
  3. CONFIDENCE- Confidence plays a key role in any type of attraction. When you're confident in your music, it shows in the way you present your music. This is why it's so important that you position yourself in a way that you're not constantly asking people to listen to your music. Put it out with confidence and let them make their own choice. When you constantly ask people who aren't already interested in your music to support you, it gives off a "needy" sort of vibe that turns people off. 
  4. PASSION- I already mentioned this above, but passion is super important. People need to see that you really love what you do. They need to see that you live, eat, and breath your craft. They need to see your drive, dedication, and tireless determination in regards to what you do. The emotion/excitement you display about your music is a barometer for how others will respond.
  5. TRANSPARENCY- Last but not least,  be transparent. You don't have to tell all your business lol, but give people a look inside your life music-wise and beyond. The more you can relate and connect to your supporters on a human level, the more they will be attracted to what you have to offer. Take time to encourage, enlighten, and inspire those who follow you. In times when you're down, you'll find your supporters will pour that encouragement, enlightenment, and inspiration right back into you. I've experienced my day being lifted countless times by encouraging emails from my supporters. 
When it comes to my music, this is how my attraction marketing sales funnel works:
  1. I put all my energy into making the best most attractive product, put it in the right places, provide options, and then let people make their own choices from there. I'm constantly investing money into new equipment and tools to make my music increasingly better. Besides music, I'm also very active on social media uploading studio footage and just giving general words of encouragement. I have a passion for inspiring people so that resonates with a lot of people. This is the front end of how people usually find out about me and become interested. I also do paid advertising with social media and other sites. 
  2. After hearing my music or seeing my content, people either follow me on my social networks, purchase my music, sign up to my mailing list, or do all three. At this point I retain their interest by working hard to consistently put out new high quality content. 
  3. For those that join my mailing list, I only send out emails when I have something new and valuable to share (no more than once a week). I never spam my subscribers and I don't ask them to buy anything. There's 0% sales pressure in my emails. I simply give several details about the new music, tell them how to access the music, give artist tips/updates, and then tell them that I hope they enjoy the content. That's it! I never send out unsolicited emails or messages. The only way people get my emails is if they sign up for my mailing list themselves. That way I'm only reaching those who've already expressed interest in my music. 
This is the core of how I market my music. At the end of the day, I'm just a passionate musician who enjoys creating art and inspiring people across the globe. That genuine spirit shows in how I market myself and attracts people to what I have to offer. When you focus on creating value and you free people up to make their own choices, you and your music become much more attractive. Hope this helps!!! Be blessed! -Tone