3 Most Annoying Social Media Music Sharing Tactics

Every artist/producer loves when people listen to their music, gives positive feedback, and of course when they buy their music lol! As a result, it can be very frustrating when you don't get the response you desire from your music. Sometimes the way you go about sharing your music could be the cause of not getting that response. I think most times people don't know the way they're sharing their music is annoying. I myself made some of these same mistakes when I first started out. I wrote this post to educate and highlight some of these areas so artists/producers don't fall into any of these traps. 

1. Unsolicitedly sharing music links under someone else's post.

Unless it's a post where you are asked to share links or you know the person is cool with you sharing your music under their post, don't do it. It's a HUGE turn off. Although you may have the best intentions, it sends a message that you have no respect for that person's space. When I first started sharing my music around 2010-2011, there were times when I posted my beats under other producer's posts lol! I don't know what the heck I was thinking. Thank God somebody hit me up privately and was honest with me because something like that could have ruined me before I ever started. I hope my honesty here will help someone. A better alternative is to promote your links on your own personal page, on your artist/company page, and in groups that are designated for music sharing. 

2. Unsolicitedly tagging people in posts about your music.

Unless that person was involved in the creation of the linked material or unless you know that person is cool with being tagged, please don't tag them. Again, it sends a message that you have no respect for that person's space. A better alternative is to create an artist/company page for your music and invite friends to like/follow your page. Then you can share links on your artist/company page and market to people who have already showed interest in your music. And if you want to correctly reach NEW people with your music, PAY for advertising. Break bread! I personally have spent between several hundred to over a thousand dollars on social media advertising every month so please know that I'm not just blowing smoke lol! 

3. Sending unsolicited messages with links to your music.

I must say this is definetely something I did alot when I first started out. If somebody doesn't know you and all you do is send them a link to your music, they're not going to listen to it. And creating an impersonal script that you copy and paste into every message with the links won't help either lol! And PLEASE never send grouped inbox messages for people to check out your music!!!!!! It's the most annoying thing ever because notifications are sent every single time somebody says something in that group. Stop it lol! The first time you hit people up their shouldn't be ANY links in your message. Genuinely reach out and build rapport. You'll have a much higher chance of getting a listen and a response.

Even if you do everything the right way when sending a message, you still may not get a response in the timeframe you desire. Have patience!  You can't realistically expect people to cater only to you. Keep in mind while waiting for a response, you're competing with EVERYTHING else that is consuming that person's time (like family, school, a job, business, etc.) and their priorities come FIRST. Just because someone doesn't hit you back it doesn't always mean they're being hollywood lol! Most likely that person is getting an overabundance of messages from other people who want them to listen to their music just as passionately as YOU! It's impossible for them to listen/respond to EVERY person who hits them up AND remain productive AND balance family time AND get proper rest/nutrition AND etc. It's just simply an impossible task. So keep these thoughts in mind before you get upset and say inappropriate things. If you feel your music-related message is that important, contact them again in a reasonable time frame. Key word being reasonable. If you're compulsively hitting them up like you have a fatal attraction or something lol, you will push them far away from ever responding. 

I hope this info aides in helping you come up with solid and tasteful marketing strategies for you and your music. Much success to you! -Tone