What is the meaning of #NoSamples?

I started the #NoSamples movement in the earlier portion of 2014. It's went on to become adopted by many producers. You may have seen these types of banners from me or either seen me mention #NoSamples a lot 2014 but you're still not quite sure what it means. Hopefully after reading this, you'll have a clearer understanding.

#NoSamples simply means when I create music, I don't sample from any existing records that have been released for commercial sale. Instead, I create music organically based off of life, my emotions, my physical environment, and my 20+ years of musicianship experience as a pianist. The #NoSamples movement was never intended to be a diss or shot to producers who actually sample from records. Sampling (the right way) is very creative, takes skill, and is an art in it's own right. I've enjoyed sampling many times and have absolutely no problems with it. This was simply my own personal journey to enhance my musicianship/creative skills and avoid sample clearance issues for me and my customers. It's a very personal and internal way of creating that encourages you to draw from yourself for inspiration. This journey has been VERY rewarding as I've increased my skillset immensly in 2014. 

There's been some confusion about what constitutes "samples" in #NoSamples. As far as using samples, I don't sample from pre-existing commercial records but of course I still use sound libraries (in addition to live instruments and my own voice) to create my works. I also use drum kits, drum breaks, drum/percussion loops and effects that I PURCHASE from sound library companies. I use these tools to present my own vision and create my own melodies and patterns. I also regularly create my own "samples" and chop them. I've been a musician for a long time and I have a unique ear for music so my stuff can sound very convincing. But, no samples from existing commercial works are being used.

One track I've gotten a lot of "sample" allegations about is "Harlem Nights 2" which I've added above. This track is #NoSamples as well. I played every single note of every single instrument via midi on a Triton Extreme. The drums are a drum break that I purchased. It was composed entirely in Logic with a big portion of the sounds coming from Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate. I'm a big fan of old school music so my ear for it is very good. (Follow Me On Soundcloud)

The benefits of #NoSamples are that neither me or my customers have to worry about sampling clearance and my customers are getting unique content with every release. By starting this movement I was hoping to encourage producers from all around the world to take a look inside themselves and pull out the natural melodies they already possess and not rely on sampling for every record. I also wanted to encourage producers to pick up instruments or even random objects around the house and just see what you can create. Being open to experiment with different hardware/software is also a part of it. With imagination, you can create with literally anything. The point of #NoSamples is not to be limited to any particular production tool. It's a movement that equips you to freely express your creativity with anything that is put in front of you. You are the instrument. #NoSamples 

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