Generating Interest: Tips for Generating Interest as an Artist/Producer.

Today we live in a very overstimulated society. With everything being so easily and quickly accessible, and with so much automatically thrown at us so rapidly, we tend to be quite desensitized. Patience is at an all time low. These are the obstacles you're fighting against when trying to generate interest as an artist/producer. I hear so many complain about how saturated the market is and how they feel they can't get a fair shake. Contrary to what you believe, you can use this saturation and overstimulation to your advantage! There are many ways to do this, but for sake of keeping this status length readable lol, I'll focus on the core of it. Your music.

From an artist/producer standpoint, the plus side of this overstimulation is that it's the result of large masses doing the exact same things. It's the same song/beat over and over again. You need to set yourself apart by providing different and higher quality stimulation. The foundation of it all is your craft. In this day and age, you can't afford to cut corners and follow the masses anymore. Everyone's doing that already. You have to be original, musicianship-oriented, quality-oriented, focused on consistent excellence, and equipped with strong work ethic to stand out today PERIOD. If you're approaching your craft with a "that's good enough" mentality, you're hindering yourself.

Take your time creating. Relax! I don't know why people hold creating music fast as a badge of honor. Get everything RIGHT before releasing. Create from the heart. Go the extra mile every time. Don't think "oh I'm just putting this out to create a buzz it's cool." Think about what you're saying. How can you create a proper buzz with something not done in excellence? You only get one first impression. Make quality and excellence your first impression every time! Your music should be so concentrated with excellence that it changes the demeanor of the listener. The music should evoke a refreshing stirring of emotions. I love seeing people completely switch gears when I hit play lol! There's nothing like bringing joy to others via your music. That's what music is for! But without excellence, you'll fall short of that goal. People have varying degrees of talent, but excellence can be achieved by ANYONE. If you can't do something right, don't let that slide. Pay the right people to help bring your vision into excellence. The general public may not understand the technicalities of how music is created, but they can tell when things are done half-hearted.

See music isn't just something you hear. Music is the only thing that has the intrinsic capability to get past the barriers of the mind. It transcends all nationalities and demographics. It's so powerful! When you create music from your heart, it will connect with the hearts of others. When you can connect at the heart, you gain a true supporter. This is the core of how you generate interest.

Now I know many will read this and think their music is already there. But if you're putting your music out there and it isn't generating much or any interest, that means something needs to be improved somewhere. Get from around people you know and let unbiased ears hear your music. Be open to constructive criticism. Everyone has room for improvement no matter how great. If your music doesn't generate interest on it's own, then it will make all other aspects of generating interest even more difficult. Before you focus on marketing or anything else, you have to get this part right. All it takes is having the right mindset and putting time into your craft! This is pretty long so I'll stop lol! I hope this info is helpful! Be blessed! -Tone

P.S. Never openly complain about people not supporting your music. That's about the worst thing you can do! It drives people even further away. Resist the urge to post that negativity on your social networks, bite the bullet, and go back to the drawing board. You can do this! Keep your head up fam.