Keep Calm and Pay Your Dues

Society today thrives off of comfort, ease, and laziness. New products and services are popping up all the time to decrease the chances of us having to lift a finger to do anything. But when it comes to being successful, NOTHING is comfortable or easy about it. There is a common thread among everyone who has achieved some degree of success. We've all had to pay our dues. Paying dues is that disturbingly ugly road between where you are now and your future success. It takes extreme mental strength to make it down this road. It's not a comfortable route to travel, but if you really want success, there's no alternate route. Prepare for the trip.

When paying your dues, EXPECT for doors to be closed. EXPECT to be slept on. EXPECT things to just not work out. You will suffer with scrapes, bruises, and even breaks at times. These things are guaranteed to happen. Live in that moment and never forget it.  Instead of using these times as an excuse to give up, use rejection and failure as fuel to push through. Learn to accept and enjoy the challenges that come. Believe it or not, this process is making you better. Persevering through paying your dues makes you incredibly strong mentally! It bestows upon you an abundance of endurance, patience, and humility. The things you learn while paying your dues are the very things that will sustain your success later. 

Paying dues is similar to someone bending your arm back the wrong way. It feels very unnatural and is PAINFUL. But just when your arm is bent to the MAX, you feel like you're about to pass out, and your arm is about to break, that's when they let go. That's when you experience success. Can you push through the pain? YES you can! But, that's entirely up to you. If you're in the process of paying your dues and you're about to give up, cut the crap and get back on your A game. Hit the pavement HARD and try new things, take risks, be aggressive about it! You should be aggressively pursuing every way possible to make your dream work. Pity parties and a depressive mindset are doing NOTHING for you. Don't get hung up on "Why this" and "Why that." The answer is because this is supposed to happen! Your success is waiting on YOU! Keep calm and pay your dues. 

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