My Mission

The mission of my soundkits is to put top quality musicianship at the fingertips of producers all over the world affordably. I intentionally craft my soundkits to be that creative spark that inspires you to make some of the best music you've ever made without draining your pockets. Tone Jonez is not a money hungry person. With everything I do, my focus is always more on the quality of the product than what I'll get in return. I believe when you work hard to create genuine value, you get genuine support back. My career has been a massive success thus far because of that principle. I'm all about helping fellow producers elevate their craft and this is my way of adding my genuine contribution to the producer community!

#QualityorNothing Guarantee

Same as with my instrumentals, Tone Jonez soundkits are created and engineered with top notch gear from reputable companies such as Neumann, Manley, Avalon, Apogee, Yamaha, Universal Audio, etc. All samples are created from my personal collection of over 20 years of original compositions and recordings. With decades of musicianship experience and detailed craftmanship with some of the best gear available, be assured that you're getting MORE than your money's worth with Tone Jonez soundkits! I don't waste time creating filler or throwaway content. It's #QualityorNothing 

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