Mindset of Success

Believe in Yourself:

The first step to your forthcoming success is your mindset. You absolutely MUST believe in yourself. When you’re going to do anything major in life, there will ALWAYS be people who are against you. They’re normally referred…


How to Write Hooks

I know you all are probably wondering what does Albert Einstein have to do with writing hooks? Well, I just wanted to start off by saying you don’t have to be a genius to write hooks! Although things like…


Producers: Being Unique is Recession Proof

Being Unique is Recession Proof

The music production game has changed quite drastically over the past decade. With music production gear being made easier to use and easier to purchase (or pirate), it seems as if there are new producers…


The Magic is in the Details!

So many times as creative people, we tend to work too hard trying to find that big melody (for producers), or that powerful lyric (for artists). There’s nothing wrong with that! But what I’ve learned over the 20+ years I’ve…


The Art of Taking Criticism

So, artists you’ve just written an amazing song, or producers you’ve just banged out a CRAZY beat! You’re feeling super good inside about your work of art so you post it online for people to hear. People are loving it…


3 Reasons Artists and Musicians Fail

3 Reasons Artists and Musicians Fail


Hope you're having a great day so far! Last night, me and my Bro-in-law were up late talking…

Talent and Pride: A deadly mixture.

Just sitting here thinking about some of my life experiences in regards to talent and pride and wanted to share them with you all. Hopefully somebody finds some encouragement from this!

From as early as I can…

5 Reasons Your Beats Are Not Selling

  Over the last few years, there's been a rapid increase in music producers entering the online beat market. Unfortunately, most new producers often underestimate the level of work/grind that it takes to be successful in this market. I run into…

Just Blaze comments on Tone Jonez's Anthem beat vid

Well, I got a pretty nice birthday present today! Well known music producer Just Blaze commented on my video of me making an Anthem beat. Here is our twitter conversation.

View from his Twitter Account

All I can say is…