The Power of NO

I was raised to be respectful, nice, and remain humble. As a result, I developed a sincere heart for helping people and was generous with saying YES because I thought it was the right thing to do. Somewhere along the…Read more

Stop Rushing

Today's society caters to impatience. With the convenience of technology, we can do things at lightning speed compared to previous years. This "need for speed" has carried over into every area of our lives and unfortunately into the music business…Read more

Leave The Nest

I believe everyone has some type of dream in life. Many people don't pursue their dreams out of fear but some aggressively pursue their dreams and are very successful! But then there is that middle section of individuals who work…Read more

How to Sell Beats Online Part 2

What's good my fellow producers! I hope you're enjoying the posts! There are so many great resources available on how to sell beats, but with these free posts, I aim to touch on the important foundational elements that enable you…Read more

Things Aren't Always What They Seem

We live in a VERY visual society. People often utilize what's obvious to generate their perspectives/opinions on other people, things, etc. But many times what meets the eye can be very misleading. If a guy pulls up in a Bentley…Read more


Wait. Something nobody likes to do. It's irritating, it's stressful, and it takes soooo long! For anyone who is trying to pursue goals or do anything special in life, waiting can be one of the most frustrating things to go…Read more

Creating Multiple Income Streams

The last Jonez blog was a bit heavy lol, but today I'm going to lighten it up and talk about something we can all relate to. MONEY lol! If you're looking to increase your profitability as a producer, multiple streams…Read more

The Originality Cleanse

As a musician, it can be very tempting to create the same sound that everyone else is creating. While we ARE influenced by our surroundings to a degree, there's a certain uniqueness that resides in all of us that must…Read more

Consistency is Key

When you think about a water fall or most bodies of water, you’ll realize that they are constantly moving. The only way fish and other forms of life in the water can survive is through the constant flow of the…

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