The Power's in the List

The most powerful and most important tool every indie artist should have is a mailing list. Your mailing list is your #1 tool to connect with your supporters and keep them engaged with your brand. Without one, you're essentially shooting…Read more

Dealing With Haters on Social Media

Don't you just love that moment when a person comes out of nowhere with a negative comment on your social media account lol? The more successful I've become, the more I've had encounters with haters. I wake up almost every…Read more

Keep Calm and Pay Your Dues

Society today thrives off of comfort, ease, and laziness. New products and services are popping up all the time to decrease the chances of us having to lift a finger to do anything. But when it comes to being successful…Read more

The Truth About Selling Beats Online

In a little over the last decade, the internet has provided a way for music producers all over the world to provide for their families doing what they love. It's truly a beautiful thing! I've been licensing my music online…Read more

3 Most Annoying Social Media Music Sharing Tactics

Every artist/producer loves when people listen to their music, gives positive feedback, and of course when they buy their music lol! As a result, it can be very frustrating when you don't get the response you desire from your music…Read more

Number One Reason Why Your Music Isn't Selling

I get messages from artists and producers daily who are having issues selling their music online. They've put in the work to make music that they feel is top notch but people aren't really giving them the chance of day…Read more

4 Steps to Going Full-Time With Your Music

So you wanna be Full-Time ay? I can’t blame you! The thought of waking up everyday doing what you love and setting your own schedule sounds amazing! Especially when you’re day dreaming about it while sitting at your day…

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What is the meaning of #NoSamples?

I started the #NoSamples movement in the earlier portion of 2014. It's went on to become adopted by many producers. You may have seen these types of banners from me or either seen me mention #NoSamples a lot 2014 but…Read more